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Your fur kid just got a true friend! A smart automatic feeder that will look after your furry cutie like you would.


Schedule up to 4 meal times and control the portions for each meal and help your pet develop a good eating habit.

Smart Sensing

Infrared induction prevents the food from overflowing by automatically sensing the levels and stopping the flow into the bowl.

Voice Recording

Record your friendly voice to call your pet to the feeder every time its mealtime.

Hassle-free Power Usage

Just plug it in using the adapter provided or use batteries (not included).

Food Served Fresh

The head portion where the food is loaded in airtight and leakproof to keep the food fresh for every mealtime.

Suitable when you:

1) are traveling/not at home;
2) want to control the feeding amount and time;
3) want to feed late at night/early in the morning.



Max Output: 200g
Min Output: 50g
Power Source: Charge/Battery
Material: Stainless Steel
LCD Display: Yes
Suitable for: Medium Small Dog / Cat / Puppy
Voice message recording: 10 seconds