Digital Scale

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       Detailed Parameters of Z1s 


 GASON Z1s (3000gx0.1g)




 Metal Wire-drawing Stainless Steel



 Measurement Unit

 ct, dwt, ozt, g, oz, and gn

 PCS Counting   


 Display Screen

 LCD Display Screen
 Sensor  High-precision Sensor

 Graduation Value


 Maximum Bearing Range    


 Applicable Power Supply

 AAA Battery*2 (The batteries are not included) 

 Battery Life

 1 Year

 Acceptable Error  


 Package list

 1 x Z1s Precision Balance

 1 x Instruction Book

 1 x Big Tray (13*11*2.2cm) 

 1 x Small Tray (10.6*10*0.9cm) 




      Features introduction

The weigh scale can be converted to 6 units (ct, dwt, ozt, g, oz, and gn) at random. With the newly added PCS counting function, the weigh scale can calculate the quantity of the same items instantly.    

With the intelligent shutdown, the weigh scale will shut down automatically when there is no operation for 180 seconds.   

A high-precision sensor enables a graduation value of 0.1g. With a maximum weighing range of 3,000g, the weigh scale has a surface of metal wire-drawing stainless steel. 

The weigh scale presents a surface of metal wire-drawing stainless steel, ABS plastic base and LCD HD digital display screen. 

The product is covered by the unconditional 30 days return policy. If there is any quality problem within one-year after-sales service period, we will provide a new replacement for free. 







Why hte weighing datas are biased on different grounds? 

As Gravity Sensor Principle is used in electronic scale, it must be weighted on solid and flat desktop.


Why the data is unstable or fluctuating in weighing?

In view of the sensibility of the sensor, please make sure there is no natural wind, electric fan or air conditioner in the surroundings.


What is the minimum weighable range?

The minimum weight that can be weighed is 0.5g and above. 


What is the normal range of the error? 

Normally, an error within about 0.3g is allowable.