Gel Seat Cushion for Back Pain Chair or Car Seat

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Hard seats leaving you "butthurt"? Give your back a breather at home, the office, the park, or in the car with our super-light and super-comfy seat cushion.



All-round gel cushioning, padding and down seats ensure that you drop into a world of comfort every time you park yourself on it.


The high-quality polyester material ensures that the cushion is breathable to keep your blood circulation and oxygenation going.


Super-light and easy to carry - take it wherever you go, and stay comfortable everywhere.


High-quality polyester material ensures long life and reliability for consistent performance throughout.


Designed for great comfort in any seating situation, be it at the home couch, the car seat, the park bench, or anywhere else.

High Elasticity:

The highly elastic material ensures that it conforms to your body and gives you optimal comfort.

Product Specifications

Material Type: Polyester
Item Height: 4cm
Item Length: 38cm
Item Width: 30cm
Item Weight: 720g
Set Piece: 1